I’m grateful that leap year has afforded me the opportunity to squeeze in a blog entry for February. With this one, I’d have eight continuous months of blogging on this site. It would be awesome to have blogged every week, even once a day as Fred Wilson does.

If cleanliness is next to godliness, I think persistence is next to awesomeness. It’s a virtue I’d like to have.

Initially I wanted to do a series of entries about North Korea-related documentary films. But alas a whole month has already passed since the last (or first) entry, so here’s the five second run-down.

Skip Juche Idea; watch Red Chapel. Be prepared to be amused, bemused, and moved by the unexpected comedy of identity politics, theatre, and friendship.

Four years ago, or in the last leap year, I was living another life. I was working as a purchasing agent for a beauty company. My proudest accomplishment then was sourcing from China one hundred thousand light blue, polypropylene branded shopping bags at a steep discount for the Bliss brand. I had just extricated myself from a potentially abusive relationship and was subletting a drafty room in Weehawken, New Jersey.

My roommate was a skinny young man from Morocco working as a student fellow at the U.N. He was diligent about praying five times a day. He told me he got up extra early every day to pray towards the direction of Mecca, then he’d go back to sleep for another hour. The apartment belonged to an energetic man, a freelance musician from France who, every chance he got, raved about either the genius of Bruce Lee or how good a loaf of Parisian baguette is. I had just met Charlie. We had had a great second date.

The last leap day in 2008, my life had just taken a new turn for the better.