Time for new resolutions.

I resolve to listen to my instincts. Trust my gut. Believe in myself, in the power of my voice.

I resolve to be more grateful more often, every day, for every small and big things. Life is too short, too confusing, and too mired in needless pain to not be humble, to not be thankful for the incredible good fortune of living and loving.

I resolve to pray more often to the invisible, unseen higher power that is perhaps in me and perhaps not, perhaps an extension of my own voice, perhaps not. I don’t question the mystery. Praying transforms thought into action. I pray that I may live with passion, with compassion, and with gratitude. Is god listening? I don’t know. But I know praying works.

I resolve to be more authentic. This is me: flawed, wounded, and clawing to be better, to be healed. Sometimes I don’t like what I see in the mirror. Most times I can’t do enough to fan the flames of my vanity, my desire to be adored and to be remembered. I want so dearly to be remembered. And who doesn’t?

I resolve to let go. To give. To love. To blog more often.

I resolve to be.