Per’s 10 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule, I ran 5 miles earlier today. Or to be exact, 4.97 miles in sixty minutes. To be literal, I jogged 4.97 miles. The treadmill automatically stopped after one hour before I could finish the last .03 miles.

I ran the first two miles at 5.4 miles per hour, or around 11 minutes per mile, challenging myself to run faster than my average 12 minutes per mile. At mile three, my stomach began to cramp. Now I know better than to eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich twenty minutes before running. To ease the cramping, I walked for about three minutes, steadying my breath. I sped up to 5 miles per hour for mile four and five. I panted and grunted and at times gripped the side bars, struggling to keep good posture and a consistent pace.

So week 1 (12.5 miles) + week 2 (14.97 miles) of training are complete, and I’ve run a total of 27.47 miles since starting training.

I am now very tired.

Next Saturday I’ll have to run 6 continuous miles off the treadmill, since the machine is auto-set to turn off after 60 minutes. Otherwise, it will take a miracle for me to run 10 minutes per mile by then.

In other news, I’ve updated my career history here.