Last week, I was robbed of my iPhone 4S, decorated with robot stickers and encased in lime green plastic, while I was jogging in the East River Park. A boy, no older than 13 or 14, grabbed it out of my right hand and ran away towards the ramp on South Street and FDR. Neither boy nor phone has yet to be found.

I’m okay, didn’t get hurt or anything, but I got spooked and avoided the park for a week. I let fear talk me out of some choice opportunities to absorb natural sunlight, smell the flowers, and enjoy spring.

This morning I vacillated. Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 12.47.33 PM

I knew the right choice was to not be afraid, but I guess I needed a word of encouragement. My network of friends on Facebook responded immediately with words of support. They encouraged me to confront my fears.

So I packed in my belt pouch a loaner Windows 7.5 phone with Caledos Runner app running on it and headed straight to the park. I returned to the spot where I was robbed – right by the Historic Firehouse, south of Williamsburg Bridge, by a patch of flowers. At first, I ran past it. Then I circled back and ran right through it. As I retraced the steps where I was robbed, I yelled out lout to no one in particular, “Don’t be afraid!”

It’s a beautiful day in the park today.