Last night I watched a truly inspiring documentary about Frank Ferrante and his emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental transformation over a 42-day journey of raw vegan food eating, coaching, daily affirmations, and colonics. It’s called May I be Frank.

In the beginning of the journey, he weighs nearly 300 pounds, takes a fistful of medicine every day for hepatitis-C, and suffers from suicidal thoughts and chronic fatigue. He walks into Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco one day, and – motivated to fall in love one more time before dying – enters a challenge for 42 days of healthy living. As the film progresses, we learn that Frank’s biggest challenge isn’t downing wheat grass juice for breakfast or detoxing through colonics (there’s a lot of pooping involved), but loving himself.

Choosing and loving oneself, and committing to a daily practice for emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health are also the core message in James Altucher’s latest book “Choose Yourself.” James generously forwarded me a free copy of the book, and I’m grateful for that. The book offers many actionable suggestions on ways to develop a spirit of gratitude, practice healthy habits, and grow a strong idea muscle. In fact, watching a film about an inspirational figure is one of his suggestions.

This morning I woke up still basking in the afterglow of the film. By the end, Frank has shed forty pounds, is cured of hepatitis C, and overflows with radiant positivity and love. The love travels beyond the screen and touches people whom Frank has never met, like me.

I woke up smiling. I did something out of my daily routine. I started cleaning the house, which I normally put off until the afternoon. I hugged and kissed the wonderful man in my life. It’s going to be a beautiful day.

I’m taking Frank’s daily affirmation.

I Ji Eun Jamie, do love me, my body’s vigour.
I am in perfect health.
I am a perfect human being, radiant beauty and divine energy.
I am divine.
I now hold in my mind this new image of myself. A thriving, flourishing, gloriously, beautiful person.