Stuff I’ve been up to

1 Negotiation Coaching

Last week I started coaching professional women with a focus on improving their negotiation confidence. I’m passionate about helping women get better at asking for things they desire in life and in work. It’s a key life skill.

I put together a slide deck on the topic:

Smart Negotiation 101 from Jamie Lee

2 Filmmaking

Over the past weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to try a new field of work in filmmaking. I joined, as assistant director, Veanne’s team of cast and crew for this year’s 72 hour shootout challenge.

Veanne is one of the most talented creative people I know, so I was super honored to have this opportunity to support her vision, direction, and team. Check out her website for stunningly beautiful photos:

As for our short film, we aimed for continuity from last year’s entry. This was my first time with this team, who’s now worked together for four years in a row.

Last year’s outtakes:

3 Translation

I’m also doing some English to Japanese translation work for mobile games. Finally putting my Japanese degree to use!

Pitfall of this job is that once you start “play testing” Japanese online games, it’s difficult to STOP.

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