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Credit Getty Images/iStockphoto

By now you know you need to make bolder asks for bigger opportunities and better compensation packages. You’re ready to work hard and negotiate for the resources, support, and money you need to achieve your ambitious dreams.

Which is all well and good, but perhaps you’re wondering: Exactly how do I do that? What are the appropriate strategies and words to use in a negotiation?

To help you get a jump start on preparing for your big ask, below is a sample script that demonstrates key strategies for mutual-win negotiation at work.

[n.b.] A word of caveat here, obviously this script is not a blanket solution for every situation and everyone. The intention was to demonstrate key strategies:

  • advocating for the value you bring to the table in specific, concrete and quantified ways
  • making an ask based on market value
  • responding to pushback with open-ended questions.
  • Using a similar script, I’ve secured a 25% increase in salary. One of my negotiation trainees used it to secure a job that paid 4x more than her initial consulting rate (yes, she was getting paid very very little initially).

    Negotiation doesn’t stop after making the ask. It’s a conversation, after all, with give and take. There has to be an agreement, and especially in the case of workplace negotiation, a written agreement (email counts) and follow through.