My friend Kara Martin Snyder of Vital Corps Wellness inspires me to live a passionate life spiked with joy. Kara is a health and lifestyle strategist who has a background in startups, finance and pilates. She’s also a gifted writer and inspired speaker who infects me with enthusiasm every time I have the privilege of crossing paths with her.

I’m honored to be featured on Kara’s Project Fabulous Femme. Here’s an quick excerpt:

what do you think modern women should give less of a shit about?

Setting our future selves up for success takes focus, so that means less brain space and resources spent holding ourselves to unattainable and outdated standards of femininity. I’d love to see modern women stop worrying that we’re not thin, quiet, pretty or likable enough.

When I say “modern women” I’m of course talking about myself. As a recovering people pleaser who loves to be liked, I’m all too familiar with the paralysis, fear and shame induced from trying to meet contradictory and unhealthy expectations put on modern women.

Just a few weeks ago, I caught myself standing in front of the mirror inspecting the cellulite and pinching the fat in my thighs and saying, “Ugh, I gotta do something about this.” For awhile I kept looking at other women on the streets and comparing my jiggly thighs to their thin and flawless ones, feeling undesirable. Which I know to be a load of horse garbage. My future self doesn’t give a shit to about that kind of stuff, and neither should I.

What’s your favorite non-negotiable act of self-care you do to decompress or recharge on the regular?

In the morning, the first thing I do is to pour myself a cup of tea, open my journal and jot down whatever I dreamt overnight, am feeling right now or still occupied with. I let the words sprawl out, unedited and unruly for about a page or two or three. Then, I write a list of things I’m grateful for and state an intention for that day. It helps me be grounded, positive and focused. Journaling in the morning is like a cup of joe for the soul.

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