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How do you define negotiation?

A) Negotiation. Five syllables that conjure up nail-biting anxiety, self-limiting doubt, and a debilitating case of oh-no-I-can’ts.

B) Negotiation. A key life and leadership skill you can master over time with practice. Crucial for getting what you want and getting along with others, so you can thrive.

Bridging the gap between A and B requires belief in your worth and courage to take action – the confidence to ask. Are you ready to own your negotiation prowess?

At my workshops, attendees roll up their sleeves to engage in confidence-building mock negotiation sessions. Together, we explore ways to take smart, calculated risks in the workplace through mutual win negotiation strategies.

Negotiation is a conversation with the intention of reaching agreement, with all parties having the right to say no.

Negotiation Prowess Principles:

1. Invite and embrace no. Prepare for objections. Instead of capitulating, diagnose the no.
2. Challenge your notion of what’s possible; create new solutions.
3. Make specific and ambitious calls to action.

You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

Negotiation Prowess workshops and talks have been featured with:

wimlink, Girls in Tech, and various Meetup Groups
Daily Muse
Sapient Nitro’s Women’s Leadership Network
Get Bullish Conference
New Women New Yorkers
Athena Center for Leadership at Barnard College
Smith College’s Women’s Leadership Conference
– SIPA at Columbia University
Bryn Mawr College’s LILAC
Center for Competitive Management
Lady Boss
– Baystate Health Women’s Empowerment Summit

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