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Getting Start-up Equity? Everything You Need to Know

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Tonight: Focus on Startups

Tonight I’ll be presenting Startup Equity 101 with lawyer Ekaterina Mouratova at SoTechie Spaces. Equity, dilution, vesting, capital gains tax, option pools… all the legal and tax fine print stuff you never learned back in college, but now that you’re an entrepreneur you NEED to know. There’s always a lively Q&A and discussion following the presentation. I’ll be looking forward to that.

Faster Deeper Harder

Marathon training week #5 and my threshold pace improved by a minute to 10 minutes per mile. 10% improvement over four weeks, not too shabby.

I’ve been teaching Startup Equity 101 Primer since last June. Taught it to about 100 people since then. But each class left me wishing for more. I wanted to go deeper. Last night I kicked off Startup Equity 201: Stock Options. There was a great turnout of about twenty five people, most of whom were entrepreneurs, some Enstitute fellows, some wimlink members, a few MBA students…all very smart to attend my class!

For everyone else, here are the slides I co-presented with lawyer Zeke Vermillion, partner at Adler, Vermillion & Skocilich, and one of the most thoughtful and kind lawyers out there who specializes in advising startups.

Startup Equity 201 Options vs 5 22 13

Here’s an iPhone picture Charles took of the class. It was taught at Tresensa office in Midtown Manhattan (big fan of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster). Here, I’m discussing the recent Yahoo-Tumblr acquisition and sharing my educated guess on how much founder David Karp would take home from this liquidity event.


Every time I teach a class on the topic of startup equity, I learn so much more about people’s interests and motivation. What motivates me is student feedback and facilitating a conversation with actionable insight. What interests me is the challenge to make the “unsexy” side of equity compensation – taxes, dilution, and negotiation – not so off-putting, dare I say even easy-to-grasp, and definitely not scary to the entrepreneurial minded.

It’s going to take hard work, and I’m eager to roll up my sleeves and do it.

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