Outstanding workshop! Applied the practical advice given with very favorable results!
Especially enjoyed the win-win approach. Negotiating through relationship rather than opposition. Brilliant!

– Pamela Olsen, President of New York Toastmasters

Holy kamoly — how you were able to condense a week’s worth of negotiations understanding into an amazing hour-long presentation, we don’t know, but we recognize that it takes tremendous skill! Whether junior, mid-career or senior leader, everyone took away some valuable information or reminders — for me personally, it was the refresher that “no” is baked into the process and that one needs to both diagnose the “no” and to cultivate several options/BATNAs, so thank you!

– Jean Ahn, Executive Sponsor of Baystate Health‘s Women’s Employee Resource Group (BHWE)

What an amazing presentation! Jamie dispelled the myth that negotiating is just about one’s salary. Negotiating is about life. This was reinforced by her experiential activities and real stories. Also, great interface with the audience. You will want to have Jamie speak to your organization.

– Timothy Ewing, Chief Diversity Officer, Baystate Health

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Jamie speak and train on several occasions and can truly say that she is the Real Deal! Her workshops are engaging and highly informative. Every time she graces the speaking stage I am on the edge of my seat to take in the abundance of knowledge she has to offer!!!

Josh Valentin, entrepreneur and world traveler

Thanks to Jamie’s negotiation workshop, I went into my recent salary negotiation more confident than I’ve ever been and came out making 20K more than I was in my last position.
After the initial job interview, I was asked for my salary requirements via email. Picking a number was really nerve wracking! But I remembered everything Jamie said about negotiating for myself and ultimately asked for 10-15K more than I wanted to make. I thought that would give me plenty of room to negotiate. To my surprise, they just gave me the higher number!

– Caro

Within days of taking Jamie’s negotiation workshop, I found myself using the knowledge I acquired in her class to help my client with a difficult business partnership situation. It isn’t often that you can gain new skills that apply to such a wide range of life situations and then put them into play immediately. Jamie gave one of the most valuable workshops I’ve been to.

– Olivia Henley, CPA

Jamie’s Hands-On Negotiation Workshop was a great boon to the first annual Bulllish Conference. In our feedback survey, all of the participants gave positive ratings to the event, and the mock negotiations facilitated by Jamie — as well as the debrief afterward — were some of the most interactive and insightful components of our event.

– Jen Dziura, Get Bullish

Jamie Lee reminds us that when negotiating anything, both parties have their objectives. While it’s imperative to prepare for negotiations, the point is not necessarily to blurt out a rehearsed script and then clam up and wait anxiously for your prize. Negotiation is about listening as much as it is about being clear.

– Refinery 29: 8 Things Millennial Women Should be Learning

I participated in Jamie’s negotiation workshop at the Bullish Conference, and it was an indispensable part of a conference designed for bold, highly ambitious women. Whether you’re a seasoned negotiator or you’re untested in the ring, there is incredible value to be found in Jamie’s guidance. In the expertly-structured roleplaying portion of her workshop, she excels at teaching when and how to steer a conversation, and I left with real skills and experience I’ll use with confidence the next time I make a big ask. A must for anyone ready to take action and own her future.

– Kara Andersen, Copy Writer

Jamie Lee understands the challenges women face in asking for and getting what they want. She gave me fantastic negotiating guidance, including suggestions on how to better structure and price my service offerings. She challenged me to think differently on how I talk to my clients, especially when talking about my fees. She blends tried-and-true negotiating principles like BATNA with her own unique approach and strategies, which enabled me to implement effective new processes. Jamie is brilliant, and I recommend her highly.

– Kim Bookless, Publishing Consultant

There is no way I would have ever learned about [negotiation] in school. Universities often make us think that skills and performance equate to high salaries. Now that I gained some practical knowledge and insight…I feel like I walked away with a valuable ‘secrete weapon.’

– Christie C., Marketing Director


The skills covered in Jamie’s Negotiation Prowess workshop were eye opening. Jamie’s presentation covered topics that you will be able to immediately put into practice. This workshop re-energized me about how to care for my business and clients.

– Mireya, Entrepreneur


After attending Hands-On Workshop for Negotiation Success, I realized how I have so rarely even thought about negotiating for myself and am so used to just taking whatever is offered without recognizing that I also have power and choice in the situation. I really appreciate the work Jamie is doing for women in this area and am grateful for the opportunity to discuss these issues that are so rarely explored in a safe and friendly environment.

I walked away feeling much more empowered to negotiate and ask for what feels fair to me. Shortly after the workshop I had the opportunity to use the skills when taking on a new client and felt much more confident negotiating for the fee and scheduling.

– Brynn Wallace, Therapist


Jamie is fantastic! We were heading into some serious founder equity discussions and Jamie made time to give us last minute help, and even brought on another expert to provide additional perspective on the issues we were facing. The info Jamie provided was extremely useful, and helped us better understand the landscape on which we were negotiating. I’m very impressed with, and grateful for, Jamie’s willingness and capacity to help.

– Craig Tashman, Entrepreneur and CEO


Negotiation successful. Raise, bonus and market adjustment totaling a 26% salary increase back paid to the day I brought it up. Title reconsideration in 6 months. Would have been absolutely impossible without Jamie’s help and resources.

– Ryan Allen, Engineer


Great workshop. Everyone was really supportive and generous in sharing their experiences and words of advice. I came away with some helpful tips that I plan on putting into practice in the near future.

– Amy Huang, Product Manager

I attended a webinar from The Daily Muse where Jamie was the host. I truly learned so much from her in just an hour and now have more confidence to bring to my work and personal life when it comes to negotiating anything. Most importantly, I felt like I was talking with a friend. It was extremely helpful. Thanks for everything, Jamie!

– Lauren Guerrieri, Social Media Manager